St. Francis


 The Sacrament of Baptism

Thank you for your interest in having your child baptized at St. Francis Church.  It is our privilege and our joy to welcome new members to the life of the church and St. Francis Parish.  


Baptism is the sacrament whereby the Christian community welcomes and begins the initiation of new members. In the water bath of blessed water, the anointing with fragrant chrism, the clothing in new white garments and the reception of the Light of Christ, new members join the life of the Catholic Christian Community. 


In the renunciation of sin, profession of faith, and promise of a faithful witness to the Christian life, and, with God-parents at their side, parents present their new family member(s) asking that they be formally admitted to the life of the church.  


For more information about our Baptism program (especially during the pandmemic) and/or to schedule a Baptism, please contact the Parish Office at

978-452-6611 or email our Baptism Coordinator, Dr. Linda Trouville, at