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Our Radio Parking Lot Masses have been very well received, allowing people who cannot attend Mass inside the church during this pandemic to feel connected to Christ, receive the Eucharist, and feel part of the community. 

See comments further below.


Radio Mass Schedule


-- 8:00am Sunday and 5:30pm Sunday evening

-- Daily Mass: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday at noon, Weds. at 6:30pm


(Photo below taken by Jamie Deignan at 5:30pm Mass)




No registration is required.


Park in the side lot facing the choir door, tune into FM 107.7 and Fr. Maher will celebrate Mass from that door. 

Communion is distributed AFTER Mass at the front church entrance.





Radio FM 107.7 is also available during our live stream Masses (4pm Sat. and 10:30am Sunday); however, these Masses are celebrated inside the church.  You are welcome to park anywhere in the parking lot, listen to Mass, and receive the Eucharist in the front entrance AFTER Mass.




Our new altar (built by Brendan Maunsell)

made it to Cardinal O'Malley's  blog!



Comments from Parishioners & Visitors


"Fr. Seán & his dedicated staff makes every effort to keep his St. Francis family together in Christ. For those who have a hearing deficit tuning in to 107.7 on your car radio during outdoor mass brings everything to light. Father’s speaking, singing and praying, clear as a bell. So comforting and spiritual, a heavenly voice. Thank you."  (Patricia Cahill)


"I love the parking lot Mass!! God bless you Fr. Maher and all volunteers who make it possible! Most importantly Receiving Jesus is such a blessing and it feels safe the way Fr. Maher has set it up!!! A true Shepherd! Thank you and God bless."  (Donna Marie Cote)


"I can tell you that John and I really are thankful for the daily mass situation.  If it wasn’t for the way you are saying Mass, John would have a hard time Attending mass.  Going to church as we do, it makes us so happy to be able to do so.  We have been so blessed.  Thank you for being able to make it so.  God bless you and everyone involved."  (Barbara Wedge)


"I attend noon daily Mass. It's a warm and spiritual private Mass with my Lord. I go home refreshed."  (Yvette Fortier)


"I enjoy the outdoor radio masses immensely. I'm a senior citizen and an immunocompromised person and the outdoor masses allow me to participate and receive the Holy Eucharist in safety and peace of mind. It allows me to feel part of the community once again.  Many thanks to Fr. Maher and the volunteers who make it all possible!"   (Mary Zabierek) 


"I have enjoyed being able to participate in Live Mass outside, and now with the continued 'radio Mass'. While I can maintain my own comfort level of distance, I am able to feel more a part of the parish community as I can see others attending the service. Being able to receive Eucharist without driving after watching a computer streamed Mass allows me a more prayerful connected feeling to the Mass.  Thank you to Fr. Maher and those who assist him to make this possible."  (Sharon Smart)
"Being in the high risk category and having a son who's health is compromised, going into the church is not an option for Jim and I right now.  We had been watching on either You Tube or Facebook which I found good, but was honestly too distracted at home!  When Father Maher offered the radio Mass, we thought we'd give it a try.  The first time we went, I found it difficult not being able to "see."  We both really liked going up for Communion immediately after the Mass.  We started parking where we could see into the church, as they opened the front doors for air circulation. This past Sunday we attended the 8am Mass in the side parking lot where Father celebrated at the newer side altar.  We both really liked that.  Father Maher is always mindful of his "outdoor congregation" asking us to beep to make sure the radio is working, or this past week at the sign of Peace!  Communion is offered after Mass at the entrance to the church.  It was wonderful to receive the Eucharist again and we felt a much closer connection to our parish."  (Jackie Carr)


"What a surprisingly beautiful experience! I took my hesitant teenager (always typically hesitant to do any churchy thing). So awesome to be able to see the celebration of Mass from afar, while hearing it live and in stereo. I felt so much more a part of the community of St Francis than I have been feeling at home. TV is nice, but we’ve become “lax”. So blessed to have this opportunity!"  (Jamie Deignan)



"I love having the Mass in the parking lot as I sit in the comfort of my warm car during these cold winter days. The audio on 107.7 is excellent. Father's speaking and singing voice is very reverent, soothing. I did love the outdoor Masses the best. But the car Masses are ingenious. I have absolutely no complaints. I have seen people from other parishes attending. I love having daily Mass at the noon hour. My request is that we continue to have a Mass at noon. I also like that we pray the Angelus together." (Marcia Dumaresq)



"The reception on the radio seems very clear to me; almost like you're right there in front of the altar and hearing it up close and personal!  There's something spiritual about being alone in the quiet of your car."  (Sharon Coram)


"Even though this isn't my parish I have always gone there...started with the smart group when my 16 yr old granddaughter was a the spring I attended adoration whenever work schedule allowed at noontime..then the outdoor mass..and now the radio mass...the parish and Fr. Maher are amazing."  (Maureen Slattery)


"These radio parking lot Masses have meant everything to me. I attend Mass almost every day, and I cannot express how much this means to me. God Bless everyone who makes this possible. We are so blessed at St Francis to have loving and devoted people. Thank you to each and everyone who makes these Masses possible."  (Pat Penrose)


"Billy and I have attended Wed night parking lot Mass. The radio coverage is great! There view of Father is very accessible. Receiving Communion is done in a very safe manner. Thank you for providing us an alternative way to view Mass in person."  (Laurie Bernard)


"I have been attending this parking lot Mass everyday and it means so much to me , at a time when there is no place to go St Francis Church is just so wonderful ! It’s a beautiful ride , my husband and I go together and Fr Maher is amazing ! And I’m At peace for the rest of the day ! Thank You so much!"  (Debi Goodhue)


"I have been to radio parking lot Mass. It's a great idea and I feel very safe. We are very blessed to be able to attend Mass with all that is happening. Thank you Fr Maher 🙏. You have been exceptional thru all of this."  (Jackie Espinola)


"It’s so comforting to hear Fr. Seán be able to sing parts of the Mass again." (Suzanne Conroy)



















You're invited to "Epiphany Mass,
House Blessings & Party to Go!"
Due to the pandemic, we cannot have our usual FUN gatherings this year.  However, we have created an "Epiphany Party to Go" for ALL ages to celebrate at home on Sunday, Jan. 3rd (Epiphany Sunday) or, if preferred, Weds. Jan 6 (actual date of Epiphany).
How beautiful during these challenging times to focus on the JOY of the Magi as they found the Baby Jesus after their long journey! 
This page contains all the resources, links and downloads you need for Mass, to bless your home for Epiphany and to have a festive party at home that connects the children to their faith (while also having fun!)
This can be done from anywhere, so feel free to share with friends, family and neighbors!
-- Live stream 10:30am Mass or in-person attendance
Sign up for In Person Epiphany Mass
St. Francis YouTube for Live Stream Mass


-- 2021 Epiphany House Blessing over doorways


Download House Blessing & Instructions


-- Blessing of the Epiphany Chalk


Blessed Chalk will be available to pick up after Mass (or after Communion if you are listening on 107.7) . If you are live streaming from home, Fr. Maher will virtually bless a piece of your own chalk (hold it up for the blessing during Mass)

-- King's Continental Brunch Ideas
Download printable buffet tent card labels
(Best if printed out on card stock)


-- Epiphany at Home Craft Ideas
Kennedy Adventures at Home Epiphany Crafts


-- Epiphany Trivia Challenge for family fun


Download Trivia Game here


Print 16 trivia questions (asterisk indicates correct answer); cut into 16 slips & put in basket; break into two teams; game show host randomly selects trivia slips & reads challenges, alternating between teams; they have one minute to answer, one point per correct answer; team with most points after 16 challenges wins; prizes optional but fun!  Don't forget to have the teams come up with a team name related to Epiphany!



-- We Three Kings Singalong


We seldom sing all five verses, which tell a great story; download lyrics here and enjoy a family singalong!




-- Reading of Matthew's Gospel & family discussion


Download Gospel reading here




-- Spotify Epiphany Playlist (link here)



-- Gifts of Epiphany & Favor Ideas


Three Kings Day is celebrated in other countries with great fanfare (many children receive gifts on Epiphany from the Three Kings).
Put together treat bags for each child filled with gold wrapped candy like Hershey's Nuggets or gold coins and add a small, inexpensive gift in reflection of the children celebrating Epiphany worldwide.
Think of the JOY of receiving that "one more" little gift after all the festivities of Christmas!
We hope you enjoy our Epiphany Party To Go until we can gather in person next year at this time.
Should you have any questions, please email Debbie at
























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