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Here you will find information and updates on our Stewardship Made Simple Program





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Take a few minutes to watch this inspiring stewardship video (produced in 2017 by parishioner Jerry Serra) that captures how a church community can "let its light shine before others," near and far, by serving with love.









THANK YOU to all who signed up for our "Stewardship Made Simple" Offertory Program over Stewardship Weekend.   We are most appreciative of your support for this important program that benefits parish financial planning and makes supporting the parish more simple for you.


For more details on SMS, click below for the Question and Answer Newsletter:

Stewardship Made Simple, Bulletin Insert for Jan. 2017 Newsletter 


Sign-ups to the SMS Offertory program are ongoing and encouraged.  Sign-up forms are available in the church lobby or download here:

 Stewardship Made Simple 2017 New Parishioner Offertory Pledge Form


If you have any questions on SMS, Collette Piche, Stewardship-Made-Simple administrator, will be happy to help you.  Please call her at the parish office (978-452-6611) or email her at





For ways to further your stewardship of prayer and service at St. Francis Parish, visit the GROUPS page or click photo below of our St. Teresa of Calcutta Homeless Ministry.



Thank you for your generous stewardship of prayer, service and offertory.